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Receiving an injury to your penis (having your "boner" get "owned", hence the word) Also spelled as bown3d, bpwned, or bpwm3d. Exclamation points/ ones can also be added.

Not to be confused with getting boned, which is much more pleasent.

When spoken, stress of the "w" sound is used to avoid such confusion.
(Man 1 gets kneed in the nuts by a woman)
Man 2: "Dude, you just got bowned!"
by just some random guy June 11, 2005
Getting owned during sex.
Raph: Apparentley he pulled out his slong and stabbed her in the eye with it
Liam: Poor bitch got bowned
by LiLee October 25, 2006
Bowned: A combination of getting both owned and boned at the same time.
YOU JUST GOT BOWNED, like your mom last night.
by Roroo May 31, 2011
Having your penis owned by a bitch.
AKA: gettin a boner from a bitch you didnt want
Ron: I didnt wanna have sex with this bitch grenade but then she gave me a lap dance, I got a boner, and one thing led to another...
Eddie: Dude, you just got BOWNED!!
by undercover_Arab February 22, 2011
Where somehow (either by tripping or otherwise) you accidentally end up with your face embedded in someone's sweaty armpit.

Also see owned

Pronounced "bee-owned"
Guy #1: Dude, did you see that guy get a faceful of armpit?
Guy #2: Yeah, he got b'owned
by Ross_geller January 06, 2007
I was tired of saying OWNED! so i decided to add a letter, a B!. Its uzed the same as owned.
(counter strike head shot iconsin upper right of screen: leet mofo is my user name)

Leet Mofo-:)Haxor el planet
Leet Mofo-:)Fug Joo
Leet Mofo-:)Momzor

Terrorists Win

Leet Mofo:BOWNED!!!!111
fat dick:nice
by Vinnie Hohmann September 07, 2003
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