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When an unsuspecting female is standing at the foot of your bed, prestnting in the doggy-style possision, and you insert "one in the pink and two in the stink" to move her up onto the the bed... then you STRIKE!!
Mister Delicious didn't have a good view of the "money shot" while Julie was standing, so he gave her the BOWLING BALL up onto the bed for a better view.
by mister delicious June 28, 2007
15 25
An act of sexual stimulation involving insertion of two fingers in the vagina and the thumb into the anus.
He performed a bowling ball on her while she went down on him.
by LudwigVan March 06, 2004
274 105
It's used for bowling, you pervs!
He rolled a strike with his bowling ball.
by korex March 05, 2005
271 130
2 finger up the females vagina and one thumb up the ass therefore you appear to be holding a bowling ball
Grant: I gave Rosanna an amazing bowling ball last night

Chris: Dude same here with Rachel, maybe we should have a doubles match
by CHGC May 01, 2009
53 35
A surprise thumb in the butt when doggy style.
So, have a lady from behind and when all is going well, put your thumb in your mouth (for a little lubrication...and make a popping sound) then GENTly rub the anus and insert thumb. Make sure the rest of the fingers are posted up top of the ass like a bowling ball. They love it!
by life big toe and bowling ball April 07, 2009
28 22
Sexual technique where multiple fingers are inserted into the vagina and anus of a girl, but from an angle such as would be used to hold a bowling ball. A slight variation on the shocker.
"I bowling-balled her for a few minutes after I pulled out."

"Oh baby, you know I always get off when you bowling-ball me."

"I bowling-balled her before we even kissed."

"I tried to bowling-ball my girlfriend, but she neglected to tell me she still had a tampon in."

Ted: "Mark, I totally bowling-balled your wife last night."
Mark: "Fuck you, bitch!"
by khol July 19, 2008
8 7
Two in the pink, one in the stink.
Hey Deliliah sweety, would u fancy a bowling ball tonight?
by anonymous July 19, 2003
58 57
When you publically give your significant other an underneath reach around.
She walked up to the bar and bowling balled her husband, only to find out it was somebody else.
by csteckel October 30, 2010
7 9