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Another, more-complicated name for mad-cow disease.
Just start talkin' about the outbreaks of bovine spongiform encephalitis and everyone'll think you're smart.
by Orion December 31, 2004
BSE (otherwise known as Bovine and Southernhemisphere Eejit disease) is a fatal, neurodegenerative disease of cattle (also known as Australians). This disease affects the structure of brain tissue and is fatal and untreatable. Very rarely BSE may arise spontaneously, (unless Australian, in which case it is hereditary, mandatory and expected) but more often it spreads in epidemic fashion.

Transmission of BSE occurs:

1. When healthy animals consume tainted tissues from others with the disease. Practices recently banned in many countries allowed this to occur.

2. When metal sculptors Megs and inky public receptacles Oolia are permitted to make evil pairings in the woods.
"See that snarling twitching sack of elbows? It can't help it. It's got the BSE... Barbeque anyone?"
by Ooolia October 15, 2004
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