Top Definition
Best sex ever.
Charlie: Are you ready for some BSE tonight?
Genna: Yes sir.
by KMMMM March 12, 2009
Because of Society, Etc...

The reason given by closeted homosexuals to explain why they won't publicly reveal their sexuality.
Todd: Why won't you just leave that stupid beard of yours and run away with me!?

Mark: BSE.
by spinosaurus November 12, 2009
bovine spongiform encelopathy other wise known as mad cow disease
britain suffers from bse
by culturalstudent July 02, 2003

abbreviation for: Best shit ever

used widely on the internet to describe something fantastic.
hellokitty3000: hai Todd!!!
Todd: hey
hellokitty3000: wutssuuup???
Todd: not much. eating some cereal.
hellokitty3000: oh my goodness i love cerealz!
Todd: for sure. its the bse.
by maggieb43 January 03, 2011
When somebody overuses Best Song Ever.
Jeff- Dude that song was totally the best song ever
Me- Come on man, you totally BSE'd every song on the album
by Pa2 Griggles August 14, 2009
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