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Verb. It is a contraction of the words "balls" and "mouth", to more easily express balls in the mouth.
"So how were things with you and Shirly last night?"
"Mmmmmm... Bouth"
by Carl Weiderstrom August 12, 2006
Proper Noun. A World of Warcraft player that had his name changed to Bouth ("Balls in Mouth") by a GM.
Bouth: "You changed my name to 'BOUTH!' It means 'Balls in Mouth'. That's like changing my name to 'Imaqueer'!!"

<GM>: "I'm sorry the GMs agree that this name fits our standards, but you're welcome to pay us to change your name"
by Smokeey March 23, 2008
Bouth is a contraction of the phrase "ballsin the mouth"
"How was your date with Shirly last night, did anything happen?
"It was awesome man, bouth"
by Carl Weiderstrom August 13, 2006
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