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When one guy touches lips with another guy but does not actually kiss him.
Bro #1 "Oh my god dude you totally were kissing that guy last night!"

Bro #2 "Shut up, I wouldn't even call it kissing. I was only mouthing him."
by Alvira January 15, 2012
trite or insincere statements designed to mislead, create a false perception or simply to baffle, confuse or withold understanding.
-- His self-aggrandizing mouthings merely emphasized his insecurity.
-- Her flattering mouthings belied her true intent which was to gain your confidence before asking you for a loan.
-- His intellectual mouthings merely served as a smokescreen.
by clayby August 25, 2009
To put every thing a person sees into their mouth and then to put it back.
What E-Z E likes to do.
D.Rock,"Eric, quit mouthing the Cinnastix."

Eric,"I'm ain't mouthin no cinnastick"
by A dawg March 13, 2005
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