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meaning in a lot. as in up to one's balls.
J: guys wanna pre at my place tomorrow???
H: yes Jeff, I'm in!
B: And I'm in too Jeff
F: balls in!
by kickup_thefire November 20, 2014
A term originally used by men to encourage other men to shag a fit looking bird.

Now used by smart and witty men to encourage each other to "go for it" and achieve all they can.

Very touching I think.

Now, an addition/ suggestion has been made to "Cut the B.S." and "Go all in".

Only time will tell if cutting the B.S. will work.
F**k balls in!!!
by voyeur21 February 27, 2011
a term used when talking about a "loose" or extremely slutty girl
Saying she's so loose your balls would go in too
She's so loose, it's sick.
I know, balls in man
by K-rizzo December 06, 2008
A very versatile word, mostly used as an adverb for anything in any situation.
See: Fuckin
Not to be confused with Ballin
"Man, it's ballsin cold in here, turn up the heat!"
"What the hell is on your ballsin head?"
"What's that ballsin smell?"
by Nalio May 07, 2007
when something is annoying you or hindering your progress in another venture.
this traffic is ballsin me so hard right now.
by unicornpegasusmermaid November 04, 2010
a term for "trippin", or "slippin', or messing up big time.
Man, Jimmy is seriously ballsin....

She would stop ballsin and just give me dome!

He was hella ballsin at that party....
by necrosin thrash October 14, 2011
a male in the act of ballin on fools.
J-Weezy was ballsin all over Scott's face.
by J-West May 03, 2007

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