A master of all things Fat and Ugly.
The Bourbonator over there was slammin down some mississippi planter punch when he noticed the bear. She was a handsome bear i tell ya, all of about 350lbs. Mean too, which is what attracted the Bourbonator! She was sippin on an Alabama Slammer, it was love at first site, 9 months later, the Bearbonator was born!
by grasshoppers of florida March 06, 2008
Top Definition
A person that loves to drink bourbon, and will talk shit at the drop of the hat when intoxicated. Whether its mixed with water, soda, or on the rocks this person will take it. They know that there is no better drunk quite like a bourbon drunk. A true Bourbonator has learned to appreciate the finer bourbons (Makers Mark, Bookers, Knob Creek, Blantons) and will not drink the shitty, cheap well bourbon at a bar.
That dude has been killing the bourbon all night long he's a fucking bourbonator....I wouldn't fuck with him.
by Brandon J Harris November 06, 2006
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