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A person who lies or uses questionable practices.
That used car salesman is a real sheister
by ajiggy November 25, 2003
1. A county in Kentucky, known for its extremely clean natural spring.
2. An American whiskey produced in the county of Bourbon, Kentucky.
1. We went to Bourbon to tour the Jim Beam distillery.
2. We got so hammered on free samples of Bourbon at the Jim Beam distillery.
by Ajiggy December 02, 2003
1. An excellent hardcore porn mag.
2. $10,000, as said by Matt Damon in Rounders.
1. Devon gets fuckin railed in High Society this month!
2. "Three stacks of High Society please"
by ajiggy November 25, 2003
Short for Cincinatti
I'm heading to the Natti to hit King's Island
by ajiggy November 25, 2003
Stick a finger down your throat and make yourself puke. Mostly done when drunk and feeling like shit.
I was so fucked up last night, I had to pull my trigger before I drove home.
by ajiggy October 23, 2003
To place up one's ass.
I suitcased xtc last night, it was fuckin' weird.
by ajiggy October 23, 2003
The cost of overhead at a business.
This is a nice operation here. What's your monthly nut?
by ajiggy November 25, 2003
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