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The ability to bounce back.

Word invented by ex-player and now manager of Crystal Palace FC Iain Dowie.

Currently being promoted by Soccer AM, cult Sky football show shown on Saturday mornings, in an attempt to see it into the Oxford Concise Dictionary.
'Crystal Palace have shown great bouncebackability against thier opponants to really be back in this game'
by Oxford lad September 11, 2004
605 67
1. The ability to 'bounce back' usually implying a fighting spirit.
2. The ability to come from a losing position and win. (Origin: Ian Dowie association football manager, Great Britian).
They demonstrated great bouncebackability to come from 2-0 down to win 3-2.
by Nam October 09, 2004
133 42
the ability to 'bounce back', usually implying a fighting spirit
They demonstrated great bouncebackability to come from 2-0 down to win 3-2
by bread infection October 21, 2005
43 20
The word was first used by Crystal Palace manager Ian dowie after his teams 3-1 home win against Wimbledon on. Saturday 31st January.
For this word to get into the english dictionary it must be used by a wide range of public.
Most famously is was used in the houses of parliment by a top MP!
My team showed real Bounce-back-ability today.
by Matt October 23, 2004
25 6
"Bouncebackability" relates to getting back into gear after a big weekend and hangover.

If you hit the partying hard, went straight to bed and then bounced back bypassing the hangover you're "bouncebackability" is in strong form!
Mate, you're in good form today and looking fresh! Considering your day and night yesterday, your "bouncebackability" is incredible!

Amazing that you were out all night and then came straight into work this morning, "bouncebackability" level master!
by funkessentials March 10, 2014
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To be able to easily come back from disapointment or defeat.
We have bouncebackability so will win the next game

Get your head up son and show some bouncebackability
by hawkins2402 December 18, 2008
4 6
The ability to bounce back from a tragic or overwhelming event stronger and better.
'After the thumping 5-0 defeat my team manager said we needed some bouncebackability!
by Jack Meddings August 17, 2005
16 18