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A response that can go to nearly any question or comment.
B) -.-

A) Man i saw some big fat bitches up in hot topic today...they were hot.
B) -.-

A) 8=D
B) -.-
by Nam May 09, 2004
1. The ability to 'bounce back' usually implying a fighting spirit.
2. The ability to come from a losing position and win. (Origin: Ian Dowie association football manager, Great Britian).
They demonstrated great bouncebackability to come from 2-0 down to win 3-2.
by Nam October 09, 2004
Creator of the famed Game Boy and the not so highly thought of Virtual Boy. After the humiliation of the VB, he left Nintendo and worked with Bandai to create the Wonderswan. Sadly, he soon later died in 1997 from a car accident. He ended off poorly, but still left his mark on Nintendo and the world.
We'll miss you Gumpei Yokoi
by Nam January 19, 2005
Nintendo's attempt to revolutionize and change the way of gaming as we see it.
The Revolution and Evolution are both part of the paradigm shift.
by Nam January 19, 2005

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