Botched is a alternative word for fixed, first said by grant hall but pioneard by matthew brasier
Guy: omg the lights broke
Girl: here's a light bulb

Guy: botched
by the master of small cars April 21, 2011
Top Definition
Describing a planned action gone terribly wrong.
He was killed in a botched robbery attempt.
by GuidoPosse69 January 29, 2005
To ruin, or render a software installation usless, by cancelling a simple operation.
I just botched my Norton Internet Security because I tried stopping the virus scan before it was complete.
by Darryl May 06, 2005
to fail completely at something or get owned in one way or another
While jamie was walking he tripped and fell and got botched big time
by Lethalyuh May 10, 2010
Out of it. Tired as fuck and you feel pretty high. A fake, natural high. Usually only heavy sleepers get botched.
"Dude I feel high as a bitch on zanex."
"Yeah you're pretty botched"
by trvplvrd fvckbvthcvs March 03, 2016
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