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Bosnians or Bosniaks are a slavic people from Bosnia who adopted Islam as their religion during the Ottoman rule(1463–1878). The term is usually used to link Slavic Muslims in the region. The majority of the inhabitants of Bosnian were most likely Croats/Serbs, with some small mix of Illyrian/Celtic/Roman tribes until the Ottoman rule. Over the few hundred years of Ottoman rule brought many Turks and Islam into the area. After the end of the Ottoman rule came the Austro-Hungarian rule (1878–1918).

Bosnia joined their South-Slavic brothers in the creation of Yugoslavia. In 1992 Bosnian wanted their own independence even though 54% of the Bosnian population was either Serb/Croat/Yugoslav (1991 census: 1,366,104 (31%) Serbs, and 760,852 (17%) Croats, with 242,682 (6%) Yugoslavs)

Bosniak Muslims were a small minority in Yugoslavia(1981 census of Yugoslavia shows that Muslim Bosnians make up 8.9%) The majority of the countries land mass is Republic of Srpska(serb majority) and the southern Hrvat area(croat majority).

Most Bosniaks don't practice Islam as a religion but just use it to identify themselves. Most Bosniaks wear Western-style clothes and consume alcohol which is much different than the the true Islamic way.
Bosnia is ethnically divided into Bosnians/Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats.
by the_truth_for_the_west February 28, 2009
Any person who is a native inhabitant of Bosnia or diaspora of there of. The typicall Bosnian person drinks Rakija, a high percentage alchoholic beverage, smokes at least a pack of Malboro branded cigarettes per day, wears singlets underneath all clothes regardless of the weather or geographic region and has at least 3 pairs of slippers per family member in the household. Typically Bosnians are involved in some sort of black market activity such as drug trafficing or people smuggling and can be easily identified disproportionate levels and usage of vulgar language which is as much a staple of Bosnian culture as the national foods; Burek, Cevapcici & Sarma. Bosnians can also be identified by their overt hatered for Serbs.
Guy 1: "Oh yeah? You like tennis? How do you fancy Novak Djokovic"

Man in singlet intimidatingly exclaims:"Fuck that serb nigga..." while eating a strange looking meat wraped in what looks like leaves. Man in singlet eventually gets of.

Guy 2: What the hell was wrong with that guy?
Guy 1: Don't worry...he was just a Bosnian
by bOsaNceRos January 20, 2011
Reference to an underage man who appears to be a lot older than he actually is and who regularly attempts and succeeds in hitting on older women. The term originates from the lack of knowledge regarding the time at which Bosnia and Herzegovina gained its independence during the Yugoslav Wars and therefore, lack of knowledge regarding the age of the country.
How old do you think that guy is over there? Possibly Bosnian as he has an undefined jaw line.

Did you go Bosnian last night? Yeh and I felt like I was 21 again!
by Marto82 May 24, 2009
The act of a person sucking and licking a man's penis.
Hey did you hear Casey got a Bosnian from Robin.
by BiggityBB July 30, 2010
A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.
Yo man I just got PS3!
Fuck that, my bosnian cousin from Bec (Vienna) bought PS4 last week.

Dude I just got that latest thinkpad x300!
Fuck that, I already have x400 for like a year or so.
by AbsintheSyringe November 20, 2008
Adjective used to describe those who are overly depressive, dress in black, listen to Linkin Park, etc
Person A: Cheer up, young Bosnian.
Bosnian: I'm going to go listen to Linkin Park
by vagOOO May 10, 2006
A person who comes from Bosnia.
Usually characterized by:
Spiked hair created by using excess amounts of gel.
A strong scent of onions.
Strong cologne to cover up the scent of onions.
Usually found riding their bike in St. Louis.

Bosnian homes can be characterized by:
A pile of shoes right when you enter the house.
A roasting pig outside on Labor Day.
Man 1: Dude do you smell onions?

Man 2: Ya its because there is a Bosnian nearby.
by Brian Kelshin May 29, 2008