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1 definition by bOsaNceRos

Any person who is a native inhabitant of Bosnia or diaspora of there of. The typicall Bosnian person drinks Rakija, a high percentage alchoholic beverage, smokes at least a pack of Malboro branded cigarettes per day, wears singlets underneath all clothes regardless of the weather or geographic region and has at least 3 pairs of slippers per family member in the household. Typically Bosnians are involved in some sort of black market activity such as drug trafficing or people smuggling and can be easily identified disproportionate levels and usage of vulgar language which is as much a staple of Bosnian culture as the national foods; Burek, Cevapcici & Sarma. Bosnians can also be identified by their overt hatered for Serbs.
Guy 1: "Oh yeah? You like tennis? How do you fancy Novak Djokovic"

Man in singlet intimidatingly exclaims:"Fuck that serb nigga..." while eating a strange looking meat wraped in what looks like leaves. Man in singlet eventually gets of.

Guy 2: What the hell was wrong with that guy?
Guy 1: Don't worry...he was just a Bosnian
by bOsaNceRos January 20, 2011