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a combination of the words both and fourth; the way both refers to two people, borth refers to four
Matt, Ben, Katie and Nate went to McDonald's went to McDonald's and they borth got fries.
by Matt6116 April 17, 2006
Absolutely full to the brim. No room for anything further.
"You can't get on this bus, it's borth".

"Sorry Sun1, you're borth with HIV".
by sickassmonkey September 25, 2006
A large, round space freighter designed to carry anything. Its gigantic capacity is credited due to the various wormhole generators on board, directing to and from various intergalactic storage facilities.
The Borth delivered 5,000 tons of PS2s to the GameStop on Alderaan last Sunday.
by Foreheader October 28, 2005

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