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The act of farting underwater and eating the bubbles.
Ewww...that nasty pig was just borking in the pool.
by Mikey Modogg August 11, 2005
40 49
The act of "snot rocketing", or projecting semen out of a womans nose after a man ejaculates in said woman's nasal cavity.
"Did you hear about Sara? She took that load in the nose from John and started borking everywhere!!!"
by Dr. Doal Gnob January 27, 2010
18 29
That thing where you go to puke and stop yourself
'The doc keeps looking at my messed up leg and borking'
by CockRocket July 17, 2009
13 24
means fucking boring, bored as fuck, or any other word you see fit to put there.... i prefer fuck
That Andy Danial is so Borking your gonnna have a murder suicide on your hands here soon.
by the bear jew 117 November 07, 2010
7 25
Boor-king (state of being) Messing around, wasting time, fucking off, having a laugh.
"Hey, what you doin' there sittin' on the stairs?"

"Oh, just borking."
by Wes Ferguson July 12, 2005
14 39