One who often fist fights, or is often willing to fist fight; a street fighter, often affiliated with a gang. Derived from the slang verb "bop", which means: to punch. Strictly defined in the 1979 movie "The Warriors". Not to be mistaken with bobber
Tommy's mother was worried that the boppers hanging out on the street corner would steal his new shoes.

Dallas gave Jeff a bop on the head because he kept on talking during the movie.
by Vincent Gervais August 09, 2006
a girl who is a dick sucking whore
That girl is a bopper.
by B Snyde June 01, 2006
used to describe any girl from Bowie High School in austin, texas
Bowie Boppers!!!
Bowie Boppers!!!
by AustinHigh December 09, 2009
To jock or steal or copy
Cain: i got the new phone the behold like you
Stefany: You Fucking Bopper Always Boppin' my shit
Cain: I aint no bopper
Cain: I bopped it from my cousin
by Cainstuhh; March 21, 2009
Someone who hangs with you alot,mainly for attention or what you have.In most cases,money.
That hoe be around him all the damn time.Skeeza..such a Bopper
by Shane Polo March 16, 2008
A person who walks the streets and lives a street existence. Commonly used in UK, especially in London. Derived from the term bop which means 'to walk the streets.' Boppers come from an extremely wide social spectrum but consist mainly of those in the middle and lower classes. Of course, by definition, anyone who walks the streets is a 'bopper' for however long they continue to do so. It is an art form which dictates that one must at all times be aware to be a successful 'bopper' and thus hold one's own on the ever-changing and consistently dangerous streets.
'You'll see that guy all the time around here walking about. He's a regular bopper.'
by Uzi J July 26, 2006
A female who promiscuously and habitually creeps on a select social group, choosing and taking home a different member of the group for sexual activity every night. Known to chose a male each night and latch on to this "chosen one" until culmination in sexual intercourse. At first meeting, will seem innocent, but after a night of "bopping" her true identity as a life sucker is well known to her victims.
Dude, so I see that (insert name here) is with the Bopper tonight... I thought he was better than that, desperate times...
by OU Bopper March 08, 2008

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