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a cute fuzzy animal (or human) with whom you want to cuddle; perhaps a puppy or your nephew
Awww, look at that cute BOOPER! It's so fuzzy and nice! I want to take it home!

Look at you! You are such a BOOPER!
by Bontron June 07, 2007
a girl that is a whore that goes around giving oral sex
damn dog u messin with that booper
by d-lo brown October 12, 2003
Noun: a device used to change the channel or adjust the volume on a television or DVD Player. A phrase often used by people of the Midwest region.

Syn: Remote Control, Clicker, Channel Changer
Hey bro can you pass me the booper.
by Wayne7 December 05, 2010
oringinated in Houston, Texas
1. to be with you because you got money or you famous.
2. to copy, or be a copycatter
First person: Im finna get some braids.
Second person: Aw you a booper i said dat a long ass time ago.
by Cyril K. Lewis June 21, 2006
A hand-packed,heaping dose of speed in a capsule intended to ingest to get super loaded on. <other ex:>Can also use either a zig-zag paper (or tissue paper)
Lets do a "booper" & blast off!
by Angellmel March 06, 2008
The sexiest cat in the world. Also known as Michael (Mike) Shinoda. She has the squishiest nose ever and is the sweetest animal. Wheezes. Obese. Dead.
Damn, honey, look at that cat! She is so not as cute as Booper.
by Pisa April 21, 2004
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