adj. 'one who bops'
someone who is willing to perform fellatio.
"Meredith came over to my house last night, and I discovered that she is a bopper."

"I am going to holler at a bopper today."
by Lord Boppington August 25, 2013
Loose female or male

Someone who jumps from bed to bed

Sexually exposed reputation
"She a straight bopper! She see some money flashing she fucking who ever"

"He done bopped half the 'jects"
by babybopp August 02, 2012
Females who be with every nigga in they city, A Hoe, A slut, a bopper
Aint nobody fuckin with Jessica, her bopper ass.
by Courtesy June 29, 2012
Someone who slacks off, usually in college. They either don't show up to class, or they show up late (late-bopper), leave early (early-bopper) or don't bring the course materials (like a book-bopper). The best ones are "sleep boppers". They sleep during class.
Basically someone who just doesn't give a fuck.
Ashley is such a bopper... she never comes to class, and when she does, she falls asleep.
by notabopper September 14, 2011
One who enters a gathering of two or more individuals and does not actively add to the conversation. The individual may leave soon after arriving.

Anyone can bop, but permanent boppers tend to be an annoyance.
Mackenzie always comes over to my circle of friends, awkwardly stares at us for 2 minutes and then leaves. She is such a bopper!
by Bopin' Carl May 10, 2011
A Hoe That Will Get On Her Knees For Any Niqqa Wit An Account Full Of O`s .
Boy 1: Mayn Look At That Girl Over There She`s A Bopper I Juss Flashed A Couple Benjamins & She Gave Me The Dome Real Quick !
Boy 2: Ah Forreal Niqqa ? She Did That For Me Too !
by BabiiCakeszxo May 13, 2010
signs ;

1. where's a back pack that is meant to be for 5 year olds
2. wheres glasses with no glass in it & takes pictures with them
3. has a huge collection of shoes. ie. jordans, nike shoes, vans
4. fake, wanna be, poser ass people
5. ones that start shit for no reason, just to get their name out there
6. stay at the mall constantly
7. put EEZY at the end of their name
Deeeeng maaynee, dyd yooh cee Stepheezy at boppermonte todaai?
by stfu you bopper! August 23, 2009

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