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Embodies everything that is good. Kiesh can be used as an adjective for almost anything, as long as its something prime. Also, can be used as a compound word, like kiesh money, to make it even more prime.
Person 1: How prime is that drink i just poured you?
Person 2: Its kiesh as hell.

Person 1: Hey, did you get the answers to that quiz.
Person 2: Yeah, I got them right here.
Person 1: Thats soo kiesh.
by Leumas Eeikcid November 20, 2013
2 1
(Keesh) - When someone is so hot that you instantly wish u could drop to ur knees n give them a quickie, or lick her tit, watever ur into. (Replaces hot,fine,fire, etc.)
-Dammm that guy is so kiesh
by dnGABBANA November 29, 2013
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