Junior high or high school aged girls sporting plastic, childish backpacks. Common characters are Dora the Explorer, Tinker Bell, Sleeping Beauty, Lilo and Stitch and any other popular Disney characters.
Look at that bopper's backpack! It's so cute. I love Dora the Explorer.
by AnniexCore May 18, 2008
a word that originated in the bay area of California: a girl that does anythng and everything sexually and orally for a dude that dont want nothing to do with her except to fuck and get blown!
Ashley is a bopper caused she fucked my baby Frankie in his car cause she wasnt worth the bed.
by idh8me2 June 02, 2005
Is a female that loves to suck dick. In Milwaukee we call them "jumpdowns." And don't know you from tom, dick, or harry. She just want to suck tom, dick, and harry.
Last night I was rolling on King Drive, and caught a straight bopper. She damn near sucked the skin off.
by Ant Geezy, wit a G October 25, 2005
generally, boppers are those people who make ugly ass kissy-faces and are myspace whores. boppers can range from the "wannabe gangster bopper" who represents some sort of gang/city when they really don't know what they're talking about and then there's the boppers who go out to the movies every friday night and just hang out to look cool. usually females.

female boppers:
1. wear huge hoop earrings that you can put your fist through.
2. like to hang out it huge groups at the mall.
3. think every boy wants to holler at them.
4. try to act hard
"i hate going to the movies on friday nights, they're always filled with boppers."
by your mom May 05, 2005
a girl who gives head to anyone,anywhere
a bopper is ready to get her knees dirty anywhere.
by miss_kim06 October 09, 2003
Female that car hop and only wants you for your money.
Girl he ugly but look at that car and platium grill, I think I want to holla!
by melissa September 14, 2003
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