A person (usually a female) who hangs around a certain person just because of who that person is or what that person has.
I'm tired of these boppers fucking with me just because I'm a celebrity now.
by krazykiki April 28, 2006
Not necessarly a female who gives oral pleasure, but a female who is always on a different man trying to get into his pockets.

A cross between a female playa and a hoe
Damn look at her all over there on that nigga tip bopping.
by Davion May 14, 2005
a female that is only after a man's wallet or his car. AKA: Gold diggers
NOTE: these are usually stupid hoes
Man, look at all these boppin ass hoes!
by An-dee January 19, 2003
One who often fist fights, or is often willing to fist fight; a street fighter, often affiliated with a gang. Derived from the slang verb "bop", which means: to punch. Strictly defined in the 1979 movie "The Warriors". Not to be mistaken with bobber.
Tommy's mother was worried that the boppers hanging out on the street corner would steal his new shoes.

Dallas gave Jeff a bop on the head because he kept on talking during the movie.
by Vincent Gervais August 17, 2006
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