A word that originated from the bay area of California: A person that does anything to be popular.
That person is a bopper because he/she carries around a guitar/skateboard and doesn't even know how to use it.
by Someone Bologna January 26, 2008
a slut/ho used in the heart of cleveland and the east side
i heared kiesh was a bopper, she did it to everybody
by sweetie sweetz August 30, 2005
HOE! A bitch that'll fuck n suck for a buck. Term normally used in Tx (Austin and Houston mainly) but fuck it, we got boppers all over the world my nigga
This bopper sucked me up last night. That stank ass hoe.
by AceBoonCoonNigguh August 29, 2009
A female who promiscuously and habitually creeps on a select social group, choosing and taking home a different member of the group for sexual activity every night. Known to chose a male each night and latch on to this "chosen one" until culmination in sexual intercourse. At first meeting, will seem innocent, but after a night of "bopping" her true identity as a life sucker is well known to her victims.
Dude, so I see that (insert name here) is with the Bopper tonight... I thought he was better than that, desperate times...
by OU Bopper March 08, 2008
any girl that gets down or engages in sexual activity
Damn man look at that bopper over there!
by Paul September 30, 2003
a white chick who only fucks black guys
tina is such a bopper
by Bloodninja87 August 02, 2008
a female who already got something good at home, but is out in the streets looking for another man just for the thrill or just because she is a hoe and likes to suck random dicks.
my ex jackie velez is a fucking bopper.

that hoe is always out in the streets with her girl amber boppin.

dog them hoes was all up on us boppin just cuz we let them hit the E&J and the blunt.
by BNUTZ January 17, 2008

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