a male/female that wants to b on the scene with you jus bcuz of who u r
John is such a follower, alwayz being a bopper.
by jakeinhott June 29, 2005
A person (usually a female) who hangs around a certain person just because of who that person is or what that person has.
I'm tired of these boppers fucking with me just because I'm a celebrity now.
by krazykiki April 28, 2006
A male or female who tags around you simply for your persona and money. Not a true friend.
"Man shieet, that bitch be a bopper, she saw u got a major deal and now she on you like fish and a baby seal"
by Lazed Out June 16, 2005
a person who only hangs with you because of your money and fame so they can be seen.
That bopper only hangin with them because they popular.
by Le Le June 04, 2005
where they all had knockers and super swoops and head bands and matching to the MAX and them dummy backpacks
Look at those boppers over there. They always be doing too much ! They never got their own style !
by Mona & Nancie July 03, 2006
when females like something you got they gon try and be coo wit it you to get what u got that they want..
for Ex, like mike jones said " back then u didnt want me now im hot (Boppers) ya all on me!... they tryin 2 get his $dough$
by blaque booty! June 04, 2006
stupid early teenage kids
thinks they are hella cool wearing jerseys and expensive shoes
can't get anywhere withour their mom
you can see boppers in junior high
and high school
try really hard to fit in
hey lets throw some garbage at those boppers walking across the street
by John Law June 09, 2005
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