"Bank Ova Partners", used to show more interest in money than making friends...
Dude: Watup man yo musik fire, let's chill out sometyme

Eazy: Mann, B.O.P bitch!!!
by -Eazy- August 01, 2009
a female who gives blowjobs to many different men.
she usually gets right to it.
unfortuneately, bops usually don't swallow so they get a facejob.
person A: ayo did you hear about tommy?
person B: oh that he got sucked by that dumb bop, isabella?
person A: yeeaah i heard she didnt swallow
person B: whatta hoe.
person A: she gets around.
by greencatz July 15, 2009
word found in DC, MD, and VA (DMV) meaning blowjob.
David: what are you doing tonite Joe?

Joe: Oh nothing, just getting the bop from my girlfriend!

David: nice one!
by rodfgravy March 31, 2009
another term for giving a guy a blow job
She gave good bop.
by nemeoasis January 25, 2009
to bang up someone; possibly to fuck someone in a good way or bad way.
yo i gonna bop someone in da lip.

damn dat girl is hot, i might wanna bop dat piece of cushion.
by phucmanchu January 10, 2009
verb - to punch hit or otherwise hurt someone physically
bruss, if you don't quit running your mouth i'm gonna bop you
by declanisromped April 21, 2008
a whore who gives head to anyone
"that bop lexi sucked his dick last night"

by caroline bitches March 19, 2008
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