A female that goes around from guy to guy, somewhat of a hoe.
Matt: Karson, I just can't find myself a woman.
Karson: Well, maybe you should stop talking to them bops, they're no good.
by Duddyluv and Sizzle January 13, 2012
" Yeah, that slut over there gave me da' B.O.P. "
by YoMamaSuckedMyThumb January 04, 2012
A sexually promiscuous and exploratory being, who has or has had multiple sexual partners, and engages in regular sexual relations, outside of a monogamous relationship, for free.
That bop had sex with four different guys over the last week for free.
by ClassyAshy October 27, 2011
To Bop someone on the head or fight with head blows.
You hear that bro? Bop him.
by JohnBoss October 11, 2011
The physical act sexual stimulation to one's genitals, usually to the point of orgasm.
1) Sorry I'm running late, i was just having a bop.

2) I couldn't sleep last night so I took off my clothes and started to bop.
by Master of the Boppets May 09, 2011
to diss someone or make a joke at their expense
"Who's that fat lady over there?"
"Dude....that's your mom!"
"You just got bopped!"

"What was that ripping sound?"
"That would be your pants..."
by kattlan818 March 14, 2011
An extremely hot guy, that every girl on Earth wants.
Oh dayummm, look at that Bop!
by Henx23 January 20, 2011

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