To throw up. Most commonly associated with excessive ingestion. Throwing up when you have the flu would not be booting. Throwing up after eating or drinking too much would be.
1) My ex-girlfriend booted all over herself at her birthday party. It was super funny.

2) People with bulimia boot quite often.
by JoeFace July 06, 2006
To inject something. Usually used in the context of drugs.
My friend booted a bunch of heroin last night.
by clamum May 23, 2004
(proper noun)- Est. 2003, this is an organization devoted to the propagation of pure awesome, in my face. The words of the acronym have long since been lost in the pages of history. B.O.O.T. members (BOOTies) can often be spotted at Roscoe's, asking for the "Number 3, mah prease?" whilst consuming syrup shots. BOOTies generally enjoy chain gangs, monkey noises, little boys, and horses. They are not impressed by needle-dicks.
I pledged B.O.O.T.

Oh prease mah shiddy horse boy pony B.O.O.T. prease.
by TheLoudestFan October 15, 2008
something you put on your feet... most of the time made from leather, some have steel toes. the tend to go past your ankle, and are usually more durable than regular shoes. old dirty ones are sometiems refered to as shit kickers.
cowboy boots are gay! like cowboys
by shtoink May 17, 2007
Used manily for IRC chats and Battle.NET games. It is the action of Kicking out someone out of a chat room.
That n00b is ruining everyones day boot him!

Please boot that lagger!
by Grilox November 18, 2003
To be really cool (ref. Boots Riley of The Coup)

That guy is the boots
by Busby Berkeley March 24, 2009
1- some one who is near and dear to your heart, see boo
2-a close companion like Dora and Boots
person 1: man i know you cheatin on my trick
person 2: I love you Jr, your my boots stay with me
by Jessica boots boots March 08, 2006

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