1. (Noun) A military serviceman that is fresh out of boot camp (recruit training) or MOS school. Usually gets hazed and is treated like a n korean in a prison camp. They can never think for themselves, and must pay respect to their seniors at all times

2. (Noun) A military serviceman who has not yet deployed; also one who has not gone to Iraq or Afghanistan (MEUs reduce status to half boot)

3. (Adj.) Something that is meant for boots or that would make you seem like one (yo master sergeants high fade is boot as fuck; those usmc car stickers are boot as fuck)
(Boot Davila passed by Corporal Herrera without giving a proper greeting like Good Morning)

Herrera: Hey boot I know you give me a proper greeting when you see me!

Davila: Yes corporal! Good morning corporal!

Herrera: Well start pushing, give me 100 pushups boot!

Davila: Yes corporal! (Starts pushing then gets kicked in the ribs)
by Got Golfed FO October 27, 2013
A 'Boot' is a generic word for someone who is an idiot or un-attractive.
Providing you were straight:

You would generally call a fellow member of the same sex a 'Boot' for being stupid/an idiot.
You would call a member of the opposite sex a 'Boot' if they were un-attractive.

If you are not straight it would be the other way around! Both definitions could be used to describe the same person.
'Look over there Adam....She's a right Boot!' (Un-Attractive)

'Whys did jack do that?...He's a right Boot!' (Idiot)
by MRV90 June 18, 2011
To just Boot around like only a true Boot can.
You Booting right now?
You know it, I'm Booting only like a Boot knows how to!
by Bootler45 April 06, 2011
exclamation or interjection, use is similar to "HOMIES," "SAY SWEAR," etc
BOOTS, that was tight!
I just mugged some children and sell them into slavery! BOOTS!
by emusonparole May 14, 2010
Ugly and or stupid.
Anything that is not liked by an individual.
that chick is Boot.
Your mama is so boot.
You can't go to the party tonight? Thats Boot!
by Tandizzle January 09, 2008
1. interjection get out of here!, beat it!, split!, vamoose!, scat!, scram! 2. bootleg (illegal) liquor 3. put a computer into operation from a powered-off state (also 'boot up')
The boys yelled "Boot, sister!" at the girl when she entered their clubhouse. Elliot Ness's Untouchables confiscated 5,000 cases of Canadian boot during a raid. This new software requires the machine be booted over again so as to install properly.
by Jon64Bailey January 09, 2008
1. A private in the Marine Corps fresh from boot camp, depending on who is calling who by " boot". Someone who has been over 4 years calls one who hasn't done 4 yet a " boot".

2. An inexperienced Marine,that is new to the Corps and goes throu alot of shite.
" shut up boot ! you don't know shite ! go and pick up all the thrash now !"
by gigantus March 11, 2006
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