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the talkmaster, a libertarian talk show host based in atlanta
I listen to boortz often, you can visit to learn more
by Our Fallen Republic January 12, 2004
a highly skilled orator
Boortz gives the best Texas Taint Ticklers.
#cunnilingous #eating at the y #going downtown #eating carpet #eating out
by Deborah Spicer June 20, 2006
to intellectually smack down a clueless tard with the insensitive truth
"That idiot who said the FairTax was "for the rich" got Boortzed when I showed him the facts"
#boortz #fairtax #rich #poor #bashing
by Mallard100 April 17, 2008
n. Small nuggets of squishy poo accidentally fired into one's undies after pushing a fart too hard. Name refers not only to the sound made by the poo, but also to a shithead clueless radio host.
Ralph Wiggum hiked up his trousers, stuck his finger in his nose and said, "I made boortz in my pants!"
#poo #g and l #cargo fart #oops #douche
by SkidMarkyMark June 02, 2006
letting someone else do your thinking for you.
After having been boortzed,Bubba encourages others to watch Fox News and join the boortz lifestyle.
#fox news #belinda #royal marshall #wsb #talk radio
by Reagan Santmeyer July 06, 2006
a person who is a professional sphinctriloquist.
Boortz has won the sphintiloquist contest, hands down.
#arse #ass #asshole #brown eye #sphincter
by Regan Santmeyer August 21, 2006
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