a urban game where the loser of some contest (Basketball's 21 game or a one on one game) must bend over to expose his ass and accept getting hit in the ass by some object. usually a basketball
You lost man now give up the boonks.
My game- boonks up man.
Take your boonks like a man.
by dkarez4u May 16, 2005
Top Definition
Weed laced with coke
Trina He all over there smelling like boonk and Hennesey and shit
by nexiusus April 08, 2006
A literal ass-kicking, usu. the stakes in a wager. "Playing for boonks" denotes that the loser of the contest gets a kick in the ass from the winner.
"My ass was real sore from balling with MJ for boonks all day long"
by bigtrick September 18, 2003
To put one's hands in front of you and to stick your butt out. It can also be done while bending over as if to piick somehing up, or to stick your but in someones face.
"Stop boonking in my face!"
by The Wave Boonkers July 12, 2009
Boonk: A form of illegal assistance in online voting, used to throw results in favor of one contestant.
Dude, you got so boonked there! You totally deserved to win.
by mimicthefrench October 31, 2010
A unprofessionaly and cheaply made form of crystal methamphedamine, consisting of polyeurethane, drano, battery acid, and various other products, depending on the stupidity of the producer. Mostly found in powder form. Resembles cocaine.
Person 1: Man, shit, I think I'm bout to ride out cuz all these folks are gone off that boonk.
Person 2: Hell yea, check out ol' boy... cuz is boonked out, yo!
by Jelly Roll April 14, 2003
Boonk is a word to describe someone you mess w|.
female or male
can also be used for sex or wet, in some situations.
Lashay- So whats good w| you & your boonk?
Naynay- You already know me & the boonk is doing good.
by La-Reina-De-DR August 06, 2007
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