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A name for organized crime based in Hong Kong or mainland China, also used to denote a member thereof. Note: You can't say "Jin-Wa belongs to a gang named the Triad." This would be akin to saying "Corleone belongs to a gang named the Mafia." No, you say "Jin-Wa was a Triad," or "Jin-Wa belonged to the Triads." You idiotic ignorant wanna-be bastard movie reviewers who don't know shit.
The Triads will fuck you up hardcore.
by bigtrick December 16, 2004
On a frosty winter's night, a wagon appeared at the gates of Fort Klugman carrying pioneers to the frontier. A young woman in the party called Delia was heavy with child. And though she had journeyed with the virile young men for nigh on one year, none had lain with her, though she was comely. And on this frosty winter's night, young Delia's water broke, almost freezing her to the seat of the wagon.

And the pioneer's beseeched the soldiers to grant them entrance, so that she could give birth to her child in the hospital there. But due to an outbreak of syphilis among the soldiers, the hospital was full. And so there in the stable, among the feed and tack, and the... the... whatsis, Delia gave birth to a son, whom she called Alvis, as was her wont.
"Vengeance is mine!" quoth Alvis. Then he shot that guy right in the freakin face.
by bigtrick October 21, 2003
The ultimate compliment you can pay to a korean person.
"Good evening Ms. Kim; you are shipseki."
by bigtrick December 16, 2004
A literal ass-kicking, usu. the stakes in a wager. "Playing for boonks" denotes that the loser of the contest gets a kick in the ass from the winner.
"My ass was real sore from balling with MJ for boonks all day long"
by bigtrick September 18, 2003
Codeword for "I'm a big bitch." Used often by pseudointellectuals, "artists" who don't do art but talk about it, and philosophy academics that think with their crotch and talk out their asshole.
As an artist, I'm interested in semiotics and the relationship between excreta and the soul.
by bigtrick September 04, 2006
kick ass movie about hitmen by Johnny To and Ka-Fai Wai, starring Andy Lau, Takashi Sorimachi and Kelly Lin. As to be diffrentiated from part-time killer, such as myself.
Ass: "Gimme your lunch money."
Me: "I'd kill you, but i'm off. Come back in an hour when I'm on shift."
by bigtrick October 05, 2003
A fat country whose major import is mansauce. Major trade industries are snowballing and teabagging. Clergy should be alert when traveling to Yourmomistan as many incidents of bishop bashing have been reported. Yourmomistan is easily accessible by train, as the Cleveland Steamer runs through there regularly.
Come to Yourmomistan! When you're there, come again!
by bigtrick October 29, 2006

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