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Bahamian for "butt" or "ass" sometimes including the upper thighs. Bahamians have a preference for well developed "boongies"
Dat bitch be fine. I like to juke that boongie.
by Huckaboo June 25, 2006
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guyanese term for a bump on your head
junior geh knock pon he head and get a big boongie
by gtshottagyal January 15, 2010
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this word can be used for good or bad
situations, reasons, or whatever. it was
started by Nathalie Supulveda at the St. Rose
Carnival. then Stephannie Reyes and Dennis Lui
popularized it by using it almost everyday in
any situation, lmao :P
Stephannie: UGH, valentines is coming up.
Dennis: UGH, i know, thats total BOONGIE.

Stephannie: BOONGIE, hey.
Nathalie: *hug* hey, BOONGIE!

etc, etc.
by Stephannie Reyes February 09, 2008
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