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Bahamian for "butt" or "ass" sometimes including the upper thighs. Bahamians have a preference for well developed "boongies"
Dat bitch be fine. I like to juke that boongie.
by Huckaboo June 25, 2006
A scam booger is an african american. More specifically, an african american sitting on a porch without a job looking for an easy buck.
That scam booger's lookin' to eat on yo tab bro.
by Huckaboo June 24, 2006
An affliction confined to the female of the species. Every twenty eight days, a sexually mature woman suffers from the gollywops as evidenced by a bloody vagina and an ill temper.
Take that gun from da bitch, she got da gollywops.
by Huckaboo June 25, 2006
An african american who cannot hold a steady job. He/She is constantly moving around looking for money. Hence the name jitterbug.
That jitterbug down the road done stole our TV.
by Huckaboo June 24, 2006

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