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Wasteful project or activity.

Origin: Used during the great depression to describe a wasteful project carried out by the WPA
"Making" a road that was already there was an example of bondoggling.
by Locutus March 26, 2005
When one partner urinates in a cup, and then subsequently pours the urine into a fan that is placed facing the other partner so that the urine sprays out in a fine mist onto their face.
"Yo, man! You been crying?"
"Nah. I've just been boondoggling with my girl."
by Trey Miller April 05, 2008
The act of simultaneously trying not to laugh while trying to act like it wasn't you.
Man, i farted so loud the last day and i was boondoggling so hard afterwards.
by clangerzz August 24, 2014