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1.- An unnecessary or wasteful project or activity.

2.- A hopeless Case

3.- Some sort of deformed toy made from parts of other different toys
"Holy shit of Jesus Martha, stop boondoggleing and so something productive"

"You're such a Boondoggle, all you like to do is drink urine while staring at the dead corpse of your grandma"

"Is that a Boondoggle you've got there, It's pretty badass, it must have costed a fortune"
by Rocketeam February 24, 2004
1.-A very extreme danger. When things get so dangerous they transcend danger and become "Gangster Dangerous"

2.-Danger related to Gangster activity.
"Walking around in south central LA wearing a ku klux mask is very gangerous."

"Licking the pavement while driving at two hundred miles per hour in the wrong lane is a very gangerous thing to do."

"it is very gangerous to wear gang colors in the wrong territory"
by Rocketeam April 10, 2006

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