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When your butt-hole pulsates and squirts out bodily fluids or solids.
Gurl! When you do a bookey make sure you clean up the bathroom!
by Jaquanda42 January 24, 2012
22 20
/boo-kee/ (adjective) - Appalling in nature; not good in any manner or degree; of poor or inferior quality; unpleasant; jacked-up; whack.
Man, that is a bookey car! I'd rather walk!
by plaintiff August 06, 2007
100 55
significant other. baby. boo. lover.
"You know you'll always be my Bookey."
by Suzzzzi February 26, 2009
68 56
"Larold". a very gay homosexual guy who enjoys men as much as he enjoys his men...and he really enjoys his men.
I love you Bookey
Who the hell is "Bookey"
by Boekenoogen May 04, 2005
20 88