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When your butt-hole pulsates and squirts out bodily fluids or solids.
Gurl! When you do a bookey make sure you clean up the bathroom!
by Jaquanda42 January 24, 2012
/boo-kee/ (adjective) - Appalling in nature; not good in any manner or degree; of poor or inferior quality; unpleasant; jacked-up; whack.
Man, that is a bookey car! I'd rather walk!
by plaintiff August 06, 2007
significant other. baby. boo. lover.
"You know you'll always be my Bookey."
by Suzzzzi February 26, 2009
"Larold". a very gay homosexual guy who enjoys men as much as he enjoys his men...and he really enjoys his men.
I love you Bookey
Who the hell is "Bookey"
by Boekenoogen May 04, 2005