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A portmanteau of the words "boost" and "nuke". It is the act of getting a boosted nuke in the Modern Warfare 2 video game.

To obtain a booke, one player enters a random Free-for-All match, and when there's an extra slot open, the other player joins in and they both go hide somewhere on the map. Once they find a good hiding place, they begin exchanging kills, with the help of tactical insertion, until one of them achieves a 25 killstreak (or 24 using hardline) which is of course a tactical nuke.
In this case, it's not an actual nuke but only a 'booke' because it was boosted and wasn't achieved by normal means.

The most important things boosters must have:

Equipment - Tactical Insertion (If they don't have this, then they're pretty fuckin' stupid)
Perk 1 - Scavenger
Perk 2 - Cold-Blooded
Perk 3 - Ninja
Death Streak - Copycat
Hey Jim, do you wanna get a booke with me? I want to see what it's like to get a tactical nuke, and if we activate it quickly they'll get so fucking mad!

Hey look at those idiots trying to get a booke. They must suck at CoD so badly that they can't even get a nuke without having to boost.
by GrenadineGang August 30, 2010
not completly sure how to put the exact meaning, but it pretty much means bogus... It is a slang term used mostly in the north mostly in New York.
used in sentences "Man that movie was booke." or just "man thats booke"
by Mr.Know It All April 18, 2009
Old French root to the word "book"

Just as the french spell color as colour and theater as theatre, they were weird and spelled book as booke.

Plural: bookes
We like to go to the library and check out a booke
by Dr. Smartandhandsomeguy January 28, 2011
v. to bump ulgies; to have sex
When Mark and Danielle get married they are going to booke it up all night.
by MOJO MAN March 31, 2003

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