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A portmanteau of the words "boost" and "nuke". It is the act of getting a boosted nuke in the Modern Warfare 2 video game.

To obtain a booke, one player enters a random Free-for-All match, and when there's an extra slot open, the other player joins in and they both go hide somewhere on the map. Once they find a good hiding place, they begin exchanging kills, with the help of tactical insertion, until one of them achieves a 25 killstreak (or 24 using hardline) which is of course a tactical nuke.
In this case, it's not an actual nuke but only a 'booke' because it was boosted and wasn't achieved by normal means.

The most important things boosters must have:

Equipment - Tactical Insertion (If they don't have this, then they're pretty fuckin' stupid)
Perk 1 - Scavenger
Perk 2 - Cold-Blooded
Perk 3 - Ninja
Death Streak - Copycat
Hey Jim, do you wanna get a booke with me? I want to see what it's like to get a tactical nuke, and if we activate it quickly they'll get so fucking mad!

Hey look at those idiots trying to get a booke. They must suck at CoD so badly that they can't even get a nuke without having to boost.
by GrenadineGang August 30, 2010
Noun: A slang term for vagina.
Verb: (to) Curb-stomp a person/item.
Adjective: Mouldy and/or yellow.
Noun: Yo man, I tore up her Mason-Gooch last night!
Verb: I feel like Mason-Gooching some bitches.
Adjective: That duck over there is very Mason-Gooch and Mason-Gooch.
by GrenadineGang August 28, 2010
The Theory of Subatomic Elves states that the nucleus of an atoms consists of tiny elves who move around different particles inside the atoms and interact with other atoms and their respective subatomic elves.

The theory was created in order to help people's understanding of complex chemistry.
Man, we learned about the Theory of Subatomic Elves today, chemistry makes so much more sense now!

The only reason those two elements chemically reacted with each other was because the subatomic elves were at work.
by GrenadineGang November 30, 2010
A dense ring of hair around the nipples that is so thick that it insulates the nipples and raises overall body temperature. Nipple parkas work up to -40 degrees Celcius.
James has such a nipple parka, his tits look like an eskimo.
by GrenadineGang August 28, 2010
1. When you orgasm two times in a row in rapid succession.

2. When the male and female during sexual intercourse have an orgasm at the same time.
1. Hey Joe, I made my girl doublegasm so badly that the roof shook.

2. That was some great sex, we really hit it off with that doublegasm.
by GrenadineGang August 28, 2010
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