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A search engine for the brain.
The mental equivilent of Google.

"The mind boogles..."
by Solitaire22 June 24, 2006
To gyrate and jiggle ones posterior using just the hips.
People loved to watch Jade boogle on the dancefloor.
by Crin January 05, 2006
The sound that it makes when you step on a used condom.
*steps on used condom* *boogle!!!*
by katsumi12595 May 28, 2014
the act of googling a term and being surprised that you stupidly forgot that the term can have multiple meanings.

common with band names, movie titles, or brand names

boogle, boogling, boogled
i boogled 'grizzly bear' finding not info on the brooklyn band, but instead pictures of large brown animals in the forest
by mcdoogs December 20, 2010
To boggle someone's mind with a new term, forcing them to google it.
"Shai, you boogled me with your skean dhu." (Trans.: "Shai, I didn't know what a skean dhu was and I had to google it so as not to look ignorant.")
by BANAgirl January 06, 2010
a big accidental mistake
My friend made a boogle when she borrowed my dress without asking and then stained it.
by Lindsey D. September 09, 2006
a black clown
Justin: man i'm lookin like a real boogle today
Mur: ya man you gotta take it easy on the makeup next time
by kfjngdfjkgndfkljshb August 18, 2011