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A naturally well packed vulva, whereupon no part of the labia (majora or minora), clitoris, or vestibule of the vagina can be seen.
Guy #1 at strip club: "Dude! Check out that hot single mom working the brass pole! She is so hot and what spectacular containment!"
Guy #2 at strip club (me): "Yeah, she is hot, but I prefer a nice set of ham or roast beef meat curtains."
by Vore September 08, 2005
Anyone called Dave or David who also happens to be lacking in common sense.
'Dafthead I don't think riding your bike blindfolded down that cliff with a firework in a glass bottle taped to your head is such a great idea'
by Vore February 16, 2003
A large comforting virtual hug..possibly with some subtle fondling involved. Used in chatrooms to show affection.
(Affection: see horney)
'aww i love you *boogles*'
by Vore February 16, 2003
Stoned beyond the point of return.
'Hey slow down beatch, you toke any more you gonna get stodgified'
by Vore February 16, 2003
See Vore.
by Vore February 16, 2003

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