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n. - The combination of booty, dick, and pussy.
Damn, it smells like boodussy up in this room.
by 50 Cent March 22, 2003
Booty, Dick & Pussy
It smells like boodussy up in here.
#budussy #booty #dick #pussy #sexy time
by LoJ November 15, 2009
The combination of smells between a strippers legs! The smell is created from a not so clean booty, and a dick and pussy smashing around together.
That stripper put her legs on my shoulders and all I could smell was boodussy. Dude, look at her hair, I bet it smells like boodussy in shorts! I just fucked Jessica Simpson and now my house smells like boodussy.
#dick #booty #pussy #cock #jessica #simpson #smell
by Scuba SexTown April 12, 2011
The process of having one two guys having anal sex with one girl and another two having vaginal sex with the same girl.
Damn, i'd like to perform boodussy to sarah, bring 2 friends and were sorted.
by John March 22, 2003
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