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The words booty, dick and pussy combined to form one word. Usually used to describe something.
GOD DAAMN DAWG!!! It smells like boodissy in herr.
by Randy May 01, 2003
An adjective used to describe something/someone that smells like booty, dick, and pussy all combined.
Damn, mom, what you been doin? Smells like boodissy in here.
by Suzy J. January 26, 2004
Smell of Booty, Dick, And Pussy. PRONOUNCED (BOO-DESS-EE)
Dre: I tried to go down on that thot Shantel.
Shaggs :Why Didnt you.

Dre: My Nigga She Smelt Like Mad Boodissy
by SleepingGhost567 December 29, 2013
a combination of booty dick and pussy.
Man, when Rashid came out the room wit ole' girl he smelled like boo-di-ssy. Fo real son.
by nvme September 07, 2005
1. (n.) Something that smells horribly foul.

2. (adj.) Smelling horribly foul.
1. "Damn y'all, it smell like boodissy in here."

2. "Cripes, it smells all boodissy in this room even after spraying Febreze every which way; hmmm, maybe my fungi-infested feet and the two-week old salami sitting on my shelf....or maybe i'm just imagining the smell."
by Insufficient Postage April 25, 2006
Smelling like booty, dick and pussy.
Well, well it smells like boodissy in here.
by Zizay May 22, 2016
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