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1. (adj) The act of having an erection in public.

2. (n) A public boner.
Andrew was bonerfied while waiting in line at the movies.
by LiVo May 30, 2005
Having a boner like no other
My neighbor is so bonerfied, he makes 14 incher's look like crayon's.
by TheManNowDog33 March 15, 2009
Unlike boner fide, boner-fied merely refers to a hard-on, stiffy, or ginormous erection (in my case), indirectly stating that something is bigger than it would be without having used this adjective.
Check it out, my wang is totally boner-fied.

The doctor told me I could never eat lollies again. I believed him. He was a boner-fied asshole.
by druzel October 05, 2009
1:Word that is used when a male achieve giving a female an orgasm

2: Male with a enormous erection
Female"Yes! Yes! Yes!... ohhh!"

by UniversalAnswer May 12, 2009
When you see a very attractive woman but you are afraid to stick your penis inside of her because she most likely has 9-100 different diseases of the vagina, anal, or mouth area (or all of the above).
Those six sorority sisters with the same pair of leggings, jackets, and UGG boots look like they would be a great fuck, but I am completely bonerfied because they are such whores.

Dude, I am completely bonerfied after hearing that our friend got gonorrhea from her; fuck it, YOLO.
by McMunson April 03, 2014
the process of getting an instant erection
The secound I saw that chick I was bonerfied
by Ringo Mcartney April 05, 2006
Geting a boner in your ass.
I totally bonerfied that dude on halo
by XxScenexcorexX August 26, 2006
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