1. A revelation that that registers upmost surprise due to its randomness and unbelievability.

2. Unexplained absence without due notice.
1. Me "How's this for a bombshell- I fucked that old battler last night after everyone lashed"

You "dooooooooooo bang!"

2. Me "you coming to work tomorrow"
You "nah, i might bomshell that shift in the morning"
Me "doooooooooo bang!"
by Slammer March 11, 2005
When a guy and a girl are in a relationship, and the guy wants to have a girl on the side. The girl is referred to as a bombshell.
Guy: “hey girl come to my house”
Girl: “ Don't u have a girl friend?”
Guy:“ yeah so...?”
Girl: so I'm not trying to be the bombshell in ur relationship!

(This term refers to Bombshell McGee)
by Chanel13 June 04, 2010
When you have really good sex with someone and the next day you can't remember their name. (Usually when drunk)
I can't believe i don't remember that girls name, what a bombshell.
by Vikings88 aka Clit Commander July 11, 2004
Someone who you have REALLY good sex with, then can't remember who they were.
"It's been six months and I'll never be the same, nobody even remembers her name. She's a bombshell." -Operation Ivy
by c8lin May 14, 2003
a word to decribe the physical appearance of someone who looks fake, or someone who has a fake personality.
look at that girl over there with her fake tan and died hair. whatta bombshell!


she told me she was my friend, and then she went behind my back and told everyone she hates me. what a fucking bombshell!
by bitch#2 January 24, 2010

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