To simultaneously bombard and bother.

Originally used to describe someone who barrages another with an interminable series of aggravating and annoying questions, the term has since been co-opted as an affectionate greeting among friends.
"Man, my mom's friend would not stop bombering me with questions about my love life."

"Bomber!" (as an alternative to "what's up?")

"Dude, if you're not going to work today who's going to bomber me on AIM?"

"Gotta go, bomber you later."
by Pei Liao May 07, 2006
the act of shitting on a plate and leaving it in the fridge of a girl your friend is riding, so that she has something to look forward to in the morning, after your gone.
fago was left to his own devices while i was with amy and bombered her house
by sauce67 June 07, 2009
a bomber is a specific graffiti "artist" that just tags up their name on the most places possible in the shortest amount of time in the most simplest form just to get their name known, whereas other graffiti artists also do it for the style and artistic skill put into it, bombers are usually looked down upon because they have no real paint skills.
Man, some stupid bomber tagged his retarded name on the corner of my beautiful piece on 7th street by the coffee shop.
by xicano June 13, 2006
A burn in your clothes, when little bits of a spudnic reefer fall off and burn though your clothes.
"Shit i got a bomber in my top"
by Michael The Bone May 25, 2005
Name give to a bottle of beer that holds 750ml.
I just picked a bomber of Stone Pale Ale at the store.
by BBB63 February 16, 2005
Something that is of great worth; something that is trendy or very pleasing to yourself.
"Stu, don't you think the Anahata chakra is totally bomber?"

"I will *not* dignify that."
by Sahara June 20, 2003
taking a massive rip off a bong and then(while holding the smoke in your mouth) taking a shot of a hard liquor and then after swallowing, exhaling your hoot. gets the bombee really fucked up.
"ohhh shit buddy, that bomber was huge, yer gonna be right fucked!"

"oh buddy, that last bomber got me fubar'd!!!!"
by fourtwenty? December 28, 2005

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