Used to describe legitimate or really good ecstasy pills. Perhaps a derivation of "the bomb."
So what's up with those pills? Are they bomber ass or what?
by snubbedright February 04, 2008
When a male or female enters a public restroom and goes into the handicap stall. Then they proceed to stand on the hand rail and drop a deuce in the brownie bowl from approximantly 4 feet off the toilet therfore leaving a big caked on mess.
Dude! I pulled a bomber at school today!
by Ham Sterdik November 17, 2007
A comical toilet game. Involves sitting on top of the cubical separators of a communal toilet (most often in a public school) with your bottom aimed over the toilet bowl. You then empty your bowels from a height of 5-6 feet into the toilet. If a sufficient size log is produced the results is a massive splash down resembling a WWII navy battle.

Caution: Always employ a 'look out' before attempting.

Cleaner - "What the fuck's happened here! Someone done a bomber or what!!!"
by The Spike February 23, 2007
ecstasy pill
20 bucks will get me a nice white double stack bomber...holla!
by jrob October 21, 2003
a bomber is a specific graffiti "artist" that just tags up their name on the most places possible in the shortest amount of time in the most simplest form just to get their name known, whereas other graffiti artists also do it for the style and artistic skill put into it, bombers are usually looked down upon because they have no real paint skills.
Man, some damn bomber tagged his stupid name on the corner of my beautiful piece on 7th street by the coffee shop.
by xicano June 09, 2006
a pill of ecstasy, gel cap or pill
"lets do some bombers guys, i rearry wanna get down and groove to the sonic vibrations tonight"
by ellswoth toohey February 11, 2010
a large fart which makes a rather loud noise, followed by a deadly smell.
Mary makes big bombers everyonce in a while.
by Your friend, Nicole. July 24, 2006
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