a guy who gets a lot of girls; those girls are then called the first letter of their name with bomb. example if your name is Allie you would be a-bomb
Man Mikey is such a bomber!

I know! He got with so many girls

by Solel Eleven August 24, 2011
A person who modifies diesel engines for increased performance in their respective application.
The bombers are having get together at the drag strip this weekend.
by lumberjack1986 January 03, 2010
A hot, stunning girl who's classy.

The girl is hot, sexy cute, but has
no look as a slut or a hoe.
Yo, bro check that bomber."
by Deadpool WKY March 26, 2011
Rock Climbing Term meaning very safe or secure.
That anchor I just set up is bomber.

Dude, that hold is bomber.
by JPJJMF August 20, 2006
Refers to puffy fleece down jacket, usually of The North Face Black.
Generally it is of a black color, and is popular with youth.
Yo mang that bomber is really dope
Yeah dude I want that shit
by fj890av3 November 22, 2008
NIckname for the Winnipeg Blue Bomber's
Yeyuh the bombers won yesterday
by Mattieu Longevu November 27, 2006
Used to describe legitimate or really good ecstasy pills. Perhaps a derivation of "the bomb."
So what's up with those pills? Are they bomber ass or what?
by snubbedright February 04, 2008

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