explanation for how cool something

or too explain that something is almost unbelievable
Drew Charlotte and Audrey's performance was so bombsauce!
Woah that magic trick was so crazy, it was bombsauce!
by Robin Pecker December 22, 2010
Top Definition
like the bomb, except much cooler. Has nothing to do with nuclear arsenal or other such weaponry related to the explosive tools of war. Much more of a person or action that is too cool or awesome to have any other word for
thats like the bomb-sauce of this whole party wizzatch!
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie May 26, 2004
adjective, generally used after "the", to describe anything awesome, amazing, baffling, or mildly offensive. also used by white middle-class "gangstas" who carry around butter knives to show everyone how badly they want to be black.
guy: "Dude, Refused is the bomb sauce, even if they ARE fucking dead."

wigga: "He be the BOMB sauce, jigga!"
by St. Mike September 15, 2006
A word used by white suburban kids who think they are gangster to describe anything cool. Sometimes, things really are "bomb sauce", but most of the time, they are stupid.
kid: yo that concert was bomb sauce nigga
by Blahb May 05, 2005
A condement of a spice or chilli base strong enough to enduce explosive diahreah in whomever ingests it.
"Damn dog I sould'nt put that bomb sauce on that fish taco my ass was blowing up all night"
by slo_gin February 25, 2004
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