The juice that's left over in your underpants after you rip a mean fart.
I can't eat Mexican, that shit gives me bomb sauce...
by Hermaphrodite February 27, 2004
n. The bloody mess that's left when a war on attempts to peel a hand grenade.
That war on didn't know the difference between a hand grenade and a coconut. Now look at this mess! Bomb sauce splattered all over the tent!
by SpyGuy March 03, 2004
taco bell hot sauce (even bomber past midnight)
-"hey let me get some of that bomb sauce to dankify my crunch wrap supreme."
by John Macie January 16, 2007
When make die-reha straight up in the air and it hits people.
"I'mma bomb sauce them bitches down dere from the awning.
by spoof February 29, 2004
semen secretions
I used that tissue to wipe away my bomb sauce.
by Janie March 02, 2004
anyone or anything that messes up your play. like when you are trying to impress a hot chick at a party and your angry ex comes in and tells the chick the truth. which is the bomb sauce.
she'da been all over me cept for the bomb sauce my ex tossed.
by nate johnson February 28, 2004

Burning hot liquid substance that flies out of your hole.
OMG, I didn't just go drop a bomb...I dropped some bomb sauce! My ass burns...:(
by Hizzo February 27, 2004
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