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A condement of a spice or chilli base strong enough to enduce explosive diahreah in whomever ingests it.
"Damn dog I sould'nt put that bomb sauce on that fish taco my ass was blowing up all night"
by slo_gin February 25, 2004
The gutteral almost hissing sound a man make while achieving orgasm but trying not to sound like he is achieving orgasm.The sound of a premature ejaculation
"Uhhhh uuhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhhh boociephus."
by slo_gin February 25, 2004
(1)Something that is unusually high in quality or composition.(2)An expression describing such an object.
"Dude that is straight-up for real the fucking shit-box"
by slo_gin February 25, 2004

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